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Measuring Race in Fresno

Stated here are the racial and ethnic breakdowns of the City of Fresno as estimated by the Public Use Microdata areas for the City of Fresno from the US Census. What is different about this breakdown than others we are used to seeing is the taking into account whether or not the person is U.S. born or an immigrant.

The experience of Latino immigrant and US born are very important in,my past experience working and doing research within the Latino community. For example, access to healthcare services is markedly different for those who are immigrant than US born. The outcome is also that they will perceive barriers to healthcare as different. This does not mean that one is necessarily better off than others. My colleagues at the Central Valley Health Policy Institute have found that Latino immigrants living in the Central Valley are not enjoying the paradox of their good health, mostly because of the vast barriers to health. However, there are important distinctions among immigrant communities in political leanings and family formations with are important to study further. This concept of measuring immigrant and US born for Asian, Latino, and Black racial and ethnic categories allow us to dig a bit deeper into the meaning of racial experience in the Valley and vast differential outcomes in everything from preterm birth to years of life lost.


You can find out more about the indicators collected in this easy-to-use data archive at:

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